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August 2017 Favorites

Just prepare yourself – this month’s favorite is a debate between my Z refusing to let me fully engage in fall and me sneaking it in wherever I could. Also, after reviewing my favorites, apparently all I did this month was eat.

I had a major food favorite this month. It was the Nonni’s® THINaddictives™ Cranberry Almond Thins and I got mine at Costco so it came in a pack of like 60. These things are delicious. I throw one or two in my lunch bag for work or I have them with my afternoon coffee/tea. It is such a sweet little treat, but not overly sugary. Check them out.b89aa578-8166-47d1-b113-5a3b3cd221d8_1.91fd275b152443399164799ca5f26705

This month was a month of craving ramen. So bad. Like every day I was craving ramen. Which is not exactly on my diet or really anyone’s diet. One day, after working my 12, I came home and decided when I woke up, it was on like ramen time. I had zucchini and a spiralizer. This happened. Recipe coming.

IMG_2757 (1).JPG

My love of pumpkin beer is hardly news, but it has been so slow in trickling in to our stores. In the meantime, I have been drinking and loving this delicious brew.


Homewise, Z. and I got a new coffee table. We took advantage of the Labor Day sales at Target to pick up the first piece in our living room re-do. Although Luna has already chewed on it, I still absolutely love it. Hopefully, the living room will be done in a month or so and we can do a big reveal on the blog!


Beauty-wise, the weather was already getting cool(er) in KY, so it was time to mix my perfumes up. I loved wearing the Chanel Eau Fraiche, which was still floral enough for summer but had enough heaviness for the change of weather.


What did you love this month?

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