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Weekly Blog 6

Guys, sorry last week took a depressed turn at the end. This week was much better and I was back to my regular groove, despite this being the week that I made the switch to night shift.

It started off interestingly, with my doorbell ringing at 1:30 in the morning. I proceeded to sent out this snap.


Yeah… pretty funny now, but at the time there was a very confuse me and a pizza guy. I tipped fairly large to makeup for the fact that I am sure he thought I was a crazy woman.

Monday I ran errand and hung around to see the eclipse, which was so freaking cool. I knew it would be but it was truly majestic.



Monday night and Tuesday night were my first of night shifts. It is going ok, although it feels like I am starting from scratch. Side note, I have been trying out the new Hourglass stick foundation, which is lovely, but does not last the length of a shift. This is it at my 2 am lunch break.


I had Wednesday off, but did not flip my schedule since I was going back Thursday night. It was a great day off. I got up at 3pm, hung out with my dogs, made zoodle ramen for Z. and I (which was the bombdotcom), and relaxed in a bath.



Back to work Thursday and Friday, I flipped my schedule. When I was up, it was off to my fabulous stylist to get my hair done.


When I got home, Z. and I set off to see my family back in Missouri. We had our annual fantasy football draft so now it is officially fall, at least according to my family. There is just something so special about being in your family home, surrounded by the nieces and nephews. Also, they are obsessed with emoji poop pillows. That is a thing now, apparently.

I also was introduced to Good Girl moonshine, which I talked about in my monthly favorites. Thanks, Dad.


Sunday it was back home and off to another week.

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