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Weekly Blog 4

Ya’ll I was so darn lazy this week. I started my period during my days off and so I spent my two days off doing nothing. I felt awful so I slept, binge watched this tv show,


and generally just too up space. I didn’t even clean or cook. Thank God for Costco pho where you just add boiling water.


I can say with utter confidence that I contributed nothing to the world during my days off this week. At one point I was just sending memes like this to my sisters. I laughed for like hours over this.


Thursday and Friday it was back to work. We had back to back codes on Friday so I got home an hour-ish later than I supposed to, but that is basically the ER life.

However, when I got off, my husband surprised me with Taco Bell, my inlaws, and wine. I love being married to that man.

Saturday was the perfect day of relaxing. I woke up to homemade chia latte.


Then it was off to do some shopping. I switch to night shift next week so I needed blackout curtains and while I was out I might have also found a new coffee table and some candles. You can tell how Z. feels about the candles.


But he did put together my coffee table.

Side note, if someone knows how to style a coffee table, please teach me your ways. I am completely useless at this.

We also picked up some wine because we were headed over to our friend Matt and his girlfriend’s for dinner and a viewing of Pitch Perfect 2. It was one of the most fun evenings I have had in a long time. Weather was perfect, food was excellent, and the views perfections. At the end of the night, we totally threw a 2000s dance party.




Also, let me just say that I love pairing white pants with a tunic top for the perfect summer to fall transition outfits.

My slow week ending being perfection, complete with a dance party. Hard to argue with that!


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