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Weekly Blog #3

Ya’ll this was a week of spending all the money and eating all the food.

I worked the previous weekend, so Monday was my last day on the floor for this week. I also got that first nursing check… hello $$$

naturally, I had to spend it.


Tuesday was a great day of relaxing, lunch with my mother-in-law and doing some shopping for a shower present.

Wednesday, I went out with my girl, Kelsey, to do some more damage.

Side note, this had to happen since someone is now an RN! PS… it’s her!!!


Sadly, on Thursday I did have to go in for a stroke class. Can’t avoid work forever.


But Friday, I got to celebrate with my very special father in law for his birthday. In honor, we had a lovely dinner party. Menu was honey, thyme, and brie with bread, apple cranberry salad, an heirloom tomato salad for the blokes, pork chops with mushroom risotto, asparagus, and zucchini, with German chocolate cake for dessert. All the birthday boy’s favorites.

If you believe our recycling bin, a good time was had by all.


Saturday was so beautiful here. It almost felt like fall, so I broke into my fall uniform and went with Z to do boring married people things.

The next night, Z. and I went out to a favorite of ours, Corbett’s, to celebrate Z.’s raise (did I mention how sexy and smart and wonderful he is?!?!) img_2611.jpg

Sunday was a very important day in cinematic history. Indeed, it was the world premier of…. wait for it….. Sharknado 5!!!


The food was clearly delicious and it featured Fabio as pope.

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