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July 2017 Favorites

This year has started flying by folks. I don’t know if it is working the two jobs or what, but I completely lost this month.

I still managed to find a few things to love tho…

Purple Label Yoga by Healing Hands Women’s Tori Yoga Scrub Pant, Holy. Crap. Most comfortable scrub pants ever. And by ever, I mean ever. They are like a cult favorite in my ER. I mean, they have yoga pant in the name AND they have enough pockets.

I never talk about movies, but Z. and I went to see Wonder Woman and I gushed. While I hated the ending, finally having a female superhero portrayed through the female gaze was beyond delightful.


Ysl lipstick in rose perfecto. I had to buy myself a little treat in honor of passing the boards and this was my little delight. I have never fully tried it out yet, but I anticipate wearing a lot of it this fall.


One beauty favorite that stayed true this month was the chanel chance eau tendre. I’ve talked before about how this is my favorite scent for wearing at the hospital because of it’s clean scent. Obviously, I am spending a lot more time at the hospital lately and this is always in my daily beauty work routine.


What were you loving this month?


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