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Weekly Blog 1

I love reading people’s weekly adventures because I am endlessly nosey, so I thought I would play with trying my own weekly blog recaps… because why not?!

Let me know in the comments if you hate it or love it!

Full disclosure, my posts will be back dated about a week. I love to talk to you guys but I do like to keep a little distance between my “real” life and my “internet” life.

I’ll mainly focus on highlights because who wants to read about me doing laundry… unless I discover something crazy in there.

Monday thru Wednesday was ER days.

One day of work, I was able to ride along with Louisville EMS. It was so interesting and I was amazed, not only at their scope of practice, but how much responsibility they had. Shout out to the EMS folks out there. I am not jealous of your job.


Working in the ER just generally makes me smile How many other places can you walk into the breakroom and find a 18g needle left next to the coffee pot?!?


Actually, it was a good week for work overall.

Thursday thru Saturday, I was at the library working my side hustle.

After my last library shift of the week, I walked out and discovered the library had begun to transform for Potterpalooza. How could this not make you happy?!

Saturday night, we joined out friends for Twang fest at Third Turn Brewery. Honestly, the beer blows but the environment was fun and the company even better.

I spent most of sunday relaxing and reading this book:


along with grocery shopping where I discovered this gem:


How was your week?

3 thoughts on “Weekly Blog 1

  1. Very interesting week!
    I am loving being able to keep up with you and your many adventures. Keep it up young lady.


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