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Celebratory Brunch

Last Saturday I woke up at 7:30 with a wine hangover, threw on some yoga pants, and went to the kitchen to make a quiche. I have never felt as 30 as I did at that moment…

But it was all for a good cause. A celebratory brunch with my girlfriends from my nursing cohort to celebrate those of us who have passed our boards and our new jobs!


Brunch is one of the best parties to throw since you can do everything the night before! You can just get up and go! Plus, mimosas.

Let’s talk about how I plan my brunch party to be a simple, fun way to celebrate with my girlfriends.


I tend to have loose themes for my parties, never being very fond of committing to a single idea. For this brunch, I wanted something summery, bright, and fun.


Lemon flavors paired with blueberry really dominate the menu.

My menu was designed to be all done the night before so in the morning, I just had to get ready and to plate the food. It consisted of a lemon blueberry french toast casserole, a mushroom and onion quiche, lemon muffins, apple muffins, and baked donuts. I always try to make sure there are a mix of sweet and savory options.

The food is set up buffet style, which is also convenient for the come and go style of the party.

And, as always, I set up a mimosa bar. We had champagne (of course), orange juice, blueberry pomegranate juice, a carrot, mango and pineapple juice, and grapefruit juice. Since this was a celebratory brunch, I made sure to stock up with 7 bottles of champagne, even if we only had 10 people coming.

We managed to do a decent amount of damage.



I really wish I had taken a picture of the french toast casserole when it came out of the oven. It was lovely… and tasted amazing too!

So, how do you do brunch?


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