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New Nursing Gear

The weeks before starting at my job, I was a bundle of nerves and excitement. Between  frantically studying for boards, I tried to prepare myself for starting at the ER.

The fun side was a little bit of shopping for some new gear, as well as getting out some old favorites and a few gifts.

First thing was new shoes. I swore after my last clinical day I would never wear those horrible white nursing shoes ever again. New shoes were a must. I believe I will be the tennis shoes over clogs type of nurse. These were not the most attractive shoes – Adidas – but they were comfortable and the price at TJ Maxx was perfect for this broke pre-nurse ;).

New scrubs were in order as well. All the hospitals in my area require Cherokee Galaxy Blue scrubs, which ironically, is what I also wore in nursing school. However, those scrubs had my school logo on them so new ones were required.

I cleaned off my old trusty Littman Cardiac II to prepare for its career as a nurse stethoscope.


See that pretty name badge? It was a gift from a nursing school friend and I cannot wait to use it! I seriously could not believe she found something so perfectly me!


Starting my new career in some new duds reinforces that it is a fresh start in to this new part of my life.

Now, just to pass boards so I can call myself Nurse Anna!


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