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Wining around… Huber’s Farm

A few weekends ago, Z. and I went on a double date with our friends Kelsey and Jason to a local winery/farm. This one was particularly fun because they have a distillery, as well as their winery.


I absolutely love hanging out at wineries. They always seem to have lovely views, there is wine (bonus), and will normally allow you to bring in your own food (double bonus).


Huber’s is located in Indiana, so we met our friends at their house and commuted over together. We already had packed a picnic lunch(ish)… if bread and cheese counts as lunch. I count it. Once we got there, we headed straight to the tasting room to do some sampling.

Once we found what we like, we bought a few bottles (a Vignoles and Catawaba, if you wanna know) and headed outside to enjoy our food and the wine.


There was a lovely band playing, which added to the environment.


We had a delicious picnic with our wine. Specialty cheeses, hummus, carrots, bread, wine, grapes, and a Cadbury milk chocolate bunny. Quite the combo, right?

This winery also has a farm component, so we also walked around the market/bakery/store. The fudge is excellent, by the way.

Overall, a perfect, lovely day. If you are in the area, I highly recommend checking out Huber’s winery.


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