June 2017 Favorites

I think it has been forever since I did a favorites blog post… and who doesn’t want to read about stuff I am loving?!?

Halo Top icecream!!

OMG. I kept seeing reviews about this and people raving about this brand and how wonderful it was. If you haven’t seen it, it is an all natural ice cream brand whose calories are all ridiculously low. Plus, they advertise the entire calorie count on the packaging.

As someone who cannot stand crap paraded as healthy food, I was pretty skeptical. However, several of my nursing classmates were going on about how great it was, so when I found it on sale one day, I bought it. I love this stuff. They are so good and it total fills my sweet tooth. Z. and I normally share one pint a week between the two of us.


Second favorite item – and let me just say here, I don’t care how much judgement I get, I stand by my choice – and it is this toilet paper.


Z. picked this up on accident and now I am obsessed with it! My whole bathroom smells amazing and I am completely willing to ignore the chemicals I am wiping on my most intimate parts because, well, my bathroom smells amazing.

Two beauty products have really dominated this month. First of all is this lipstick, which I have been wearing almost daily.I even more it to my pinning.



It is Yves Saint LaurentROUGE PUR COUTURE Lipstick Collection 214 Wood on Fire.

With the summer heat returning, I have also reached for my favorite summer perfume from last year: Giorgio Armani BeautySun di Gioia. I wore it last summer and I am even more in love with it this year. I will likely be buying another bottle for next year.

IMG_2200 (1)

What have you been loving this month?

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