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Berea, Kentucky

One of my favorite spots in Kentucky is the little college town of Berea. Besides having this amazing history, seriously check out the Wikipedia page, it also is home to wonderful little shops and boutique shops. Z. and I stopped by on our way home from our little weekend getaway, and it reminded me how much I love this little town.

It is the perfect little town to wear a pretty summer dress and indulge in a leisurely day.

IMG_2171 (1).JPG

The town itself is utterly adorable.


Z. and I started our day there just by grabbing a cup of coffee and sitting outside, enjoying the view.


Then we just wandered around the little shops and saw some beautiful Kentucky arts and crafts, which Berea does an amazing job of highlighting.

IMG_2170 (2).JPG

For lunch, we stopped at Papalenos, which is a pizza place. I had the mushroom sandwich, which was mediocre at best, but Z. had the garden salad and a pizza, all of which were excellent.


While we did not go to the educational stuff this time, there are some amazing activities in town as well such as the Kentucky Artisan center.

Take a little trip there, it is so worth it!

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