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Cumberland Fall and Moonbow!

13 months of an accelerated nursing program down, Z. and I needed a weekend away together to recharge. Some place new, exciting, romantic… and cheap. A year of me working a barely minimum wage has left our travel fund a little bare.

However, there was something that had been on Z and my couple bucket list for a few years and that was to go to Cumberland Falls and see the moonbow. If you have never heard of a moonbow, that is not surprising as there are only three locations where you can see one. Kentucky, Hawaii, and Yosemite.


After work on Friday, we started the short three hour drive to Cumberland. We love to try new local restaurants when we travel, so we stopped in London, KY to try the Abbey. London was very adorable, so we will have to come back. The Abbey was more mixed, although we left plenty full!


We arrived at our hotel about 8pm, checked in, changed, and immediately headed out to go to the park. We showed up about 9pm, with some light still illuminating the path. The moonbow was not due to be seen until 11pm at the earliest, but I am glad we got there so early. We managed to find a rock out of the crowds way… and there was a huge crowd and line. If you go, I recommend getting there plenty early.

KY Moonbow

I wish I had been able to get a picture of the moonbow, but we definitely do not have the appropriate camera equipment. I described it to Z. that it was like it the moon had a patronus in the shape of a rainbow. You don’t see the colors, but the shape is distinctive. It is like the ghost or memory of a rainbow. So cool and completely worth the trip.

What I do have, however, is loads of creepy pictures of Z. and I illustrating our lack of photogenic talent. Check out this hotness:


The next day, we returned to the park to see the falls during the day.

Cumberland Falls

We also decided to do Eagle’s Fall trail, which was a fairly strenuous trail, but a short hike at a hair over 2 miles. The views were totally worth it on the way to the falls, although the loop part of the trail could be skipped.


It was about 2 pm when we left the park, hungry for lunch. Sadly, Williamsburg has almost nothing in the way of local restaurants. We ended up at Colonel’s, which I though was a gas station, but was actually a buffet. The food was hit or miss, but they served excellent sour kraut with hot-dogs cut up in them, the way my mom used to and it made me really happy.


Plus, they had this stellar bathroom.


We returned to the hotel and went to the Cumberland Museum, which was a small collection of stuffed animals and the largest collection of crosses in Kentucky. I don’t know if you know this about me, but I have a huge appreciation for the random. Like when you see a sign that says “this was to world’s largest cob of corn”, I am the person who really wants to go see it!

Also, can we take a moment to appreciate this fox’s face when he realized he will spend eternity staring at a bear’s butt?


About 5pm, we got to our hotel room and we stayed there the rest of the night. It was amazing to spend a night doing nothing, no worries, no laundry, and no homework. I took a long bath, did a face mask, binge read an urban werewolf fantasy, watched the Belmont (hey! we are Kentuckians!), and had pizza in bed. Perfection.


The next day we headed home via Berea, but that get’s its own post next week!

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