A Girl’s Guide to Being Sick…

If you have been wondering why my blog posts have been spotty lately, it is because I ended up coming down with a terrible, nasty stomach virus that knocked me on my butt. It was awful.

It did get me to thinking… what are we supposed to do when we are sick? Not your big illnesses, but your general flu/ stomach bugs/ feel awful but not enough so to go to the hospital.

1 – lots and lots of fluids. Especially ones with electrolytes and preferably not red liquids since if you are barfing, it can be hard to tell if you were drinking red Gatorate or puking blood. But if red Gatorade is all that sounds good, go for it. The key is to keep drinking so you stay hydrated.


2 – Sleep all you want. Your body naturally wants to sleep in order to promote healing. If you are home, sleep away and don’t feel a moment’s guilt. Just drink fluids in between naps. And, while we are on the subject, you probably need a day or two more than you think you do. Give it to yourself and you might save yourself a relapse.


3 – eat…. just not the historically recommended BRAT diet. We use to recommend people who were sick, especially with stomach bugs eat bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. Bland (good!) but NO nutritional pay out. Instead, choose something healthier like quinoa or just continue on your regular diet. Chicken noodle soup actually is a powerhouse of healthiness, in case you are feeling nostalgic.


Hardly any new revelations, but it is the three key steps to getting healthier.

Stay well, friends!


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