What Type of Lover are you?

Wandering down the aisles of my local library, I ran across this little title.

I grabbed it, thinking to enjoy a glass of wine on the patio with another book lover, which happened, naturally. But it also inspired me to think about a topic I had always wondered about. Specifically, what kind of lover are you?

Book lover, dirty minded fool!

The one most often thought of is the courtly lover. You are the person who makes love to your books with how you care for the physical book. You never break a spine or dog-ear a page. The idea of writing in the margin appalls you! In fact, you probably have a beautiful library and would never dream of downsizing your dream. And you certainly would never get wet fingerprints all over your pages from reading in the tub… *guilty face*


I am not that reader.

Turns out, I am a book carnal lover. The words are everything to me, but I am much more apathetic about the physical entity. I love a beautiful book and have some editions I am fond of, but I write within the pages. I worship the words and meaning and themes… but could probably be accused of a little bit of book abuse. It’s a part of the reason I love used books who have marginalia within… it bonds me to my like-minded brothers. Fortuitously, I get the majority of the books from the library, so I cannot indulge in my normal behaviors.

Although I draw the line at ripping out pages. I have my limits!


What about you? What type of book lover are you?

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