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Too Faced Natural Love

I don’t need makeup.. ever again. But sometimes you see something and you feel like you have to have it, usually because it is just so pretty.


That was my reaction when I saw the advertising for the Too Faced Natural Love eye shadow palette. I am already a lover of natural palettes. I really have too many of them. But, I love them and use them ,and I let that be my justification.

However, even though I gasped when I saw this palette, I was really slow to order it. I have so many natural palettes and I need more eye shadows like I need a hole in the head. But I did decide to order it.

So what made me decide to get it? Well, I had a gift card to Sephora from Christmas and the 32nd time I found myself coming back to it, I made the splurge.

My daily go-to is the Urban Decay Naked palette, and I thought there could never be another palette I might reach for as often. This might be the new contender for favorite.

This product is the first “mega” palette for the brand. It contains 30 shades with a variety of finishes ranging from matte to metallic. All the shadows are neutral-pastel which is just eminently wearable. There is enough variety to keep it interesting, but nothing bold or crazy. This is a daily look type of palette for all my SATC Charlotte’s out there.

The packaging is perfection. Flowers and bunnies and happiness. The palette does have a large mirror, but no brush, which is a little disappointing for this expensive of a palette.


The nice thing about this palette for the noob makeup junkie is that Too Faced included the best/most popular shades from the rest of their natural palette collections, along with new shades. I only have the vintage matte natural palette, so these are all new shades for me.


This palette is just so wearable. In the week that I have had it, I’ve found look after look that work for me. With compliments to boot!

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