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Spring/Summer Perfume Collection

Twice a year I change my perfume collection over, pulling out spicier, warmer perfumes in the fall and winter and lighter, floral perfumes in for the spring and summer.

Now that spring is here, weather wise if not officially, and it was time to put away my fall scents and embrace my spring perfumes.

This is my spring and summer perfume collection, if you want to join me for a little tour.


If I am going to school or out and about on spring days, I wear the YSL Parisienne or Chanel No.5 l’eau because these are two lighter, spring scents which are generally non-offensive to someone who has to sit next to me. If I am at the hospital, I wear Chanel Chance. Always. Spring, summer, fall, winter, it is what I wear to work.

Chanel perfumes
Chanel Chance, Chanel No. 5 l’eau, and YSL Parisienne

Two of my favorite summer scents are the Georgio Armani Acqua di Gioia and the Sun di Gioia. These are the two scents for the long, hot days of summer. Last summer, Sun di Gioia was my daily scent, but Acqua is such a classic scent that it is one I love reaching for.


Acqua di Gioia and the Sun di Gioia


The last of my collection is made up of two Victoria Secret perfume and the YSL Black Opium. I love the Victoria Secret Night Jasmine and wear it often. It is the perfume I reach for after a long, hot shower post gym or before bed. YSL Black Opium is my date night perfume and Z. is particularly fond of it as it is a sexy Vanilla scent. Victoria Secret Dreamer is a new scent to my collection and I am still figuring out where it fits in my collection.

YSL Black Opium, Victoria Secret Night Jasmine, Victoria Secret Dreamer

That is my spring/summer perfume collection. What do you reach for on these warmer days?


2 thoughts on “Spring/Summer Perfume Collection

    1. Let me know how you like it! I think it helps keep the fragrance better too because I store them in a cool, dark place when not in use!


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