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Baby’s first Library

Spring brings may rains and baby showers. If you are of the age, your mailbox is probably full of invitations. But what to get?

Well the first choice should always be the registry. I love registries. But what if there is no registry, or it is stripped clean, or you just want something a little more personal?

One of my favorite gifts to give is a basket full of books that I like to call “Baby’s First Library”. Reading to children is so essential and books are expensive. Plus, it is the former librarian in me coming out.

All you need is a basket, some wonderful kids books, and some fabric to line the basket. I love using the bandanas from Hobby Lobby. See how cute?


The end result should look something like this:



How cute is that?

When I am buying books, I try to buy books from three categories.

The first one is the classic kids books. I recommend ones like Pat the bunny, Little Blue Truck, The going to bed book, etc.

Then I add in some holiday themed books.


The most fun part is buying a few books that match the interest of the future parents. This basket is going to a lovely friend of mine who is an engineer and use to work at space camp! Don’t I have the coolest friends?

I made sure to buy books that relate to engineering and space.


This is not a cheap gift; you will likely be out $50 or more, but it is such a wonderful gift. Plus, it is so fun to curate a basket that matches the interests of the parents. It is fun to think of my friend reading her new baby tales of her interests.

For more variety, consider adding in a blanket to snuggle up with, a cute onsie, or something else book related. Baby shower time!!

3 thoughts on “Baby’s first Library

  1. I love that idea! Some of the titles you have displayed are my favorites! Llama llama is one that always kept me laughing as I read to my preschoolers. I also like the idea of exposing toddlers to Dr. Seuss titles.


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