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A tale of English muffins

Ah, the posts of good intentions and how Murphy will mess that up.

I started this blog post as a story about the next step in my baking adventures. I was going to write about how, thanks to new seasons of the Great British Baking show on Netflix, I was going to make homemade English muffins for Z’s breakfast so he could get up on birthday to a breakfast sandwich, which he loves.

Did you know it takes like 2 to 3 days to make English muffins? I sure didn’t. But, darn it, I was raised by southern women and we show love with food! I can dedicate 3 days to a carb product for the love of my life!!

And I did. After 3 days, I pulled off the questionable looking English muffins to cool. Want to see them?!?!

Dramatic reenactment of crime scene

That’s not the wrong photograph. That is what I discovered when I went back in to the kitchen to put up the muffins.

Not. A. Darn. Thing.


All thanks to this girl:


Without even moving the cooling rack, Hermione managed to steal and eat a dozen English muffins.

She hides her greedy, carb stealing nature behind an adorable face and air of innocence. I was so, so mad. A few days later, it is more of a mix of anger and laughter.

It’s much more fun to write about all the awesome things I bake and food I cook, makeup I buy, etc. But blogging is about sharing a glimpse of real life, a look into my life. This is my chaos… a home of love, life, and Murphy. Welcome.



2 thoughts on “A tale of English muffins

  1. Effing dogs, man. Riley once unwrapped and ate a whole loaf of garlic cheese bread in the 20 seconds it took to get napkins from the other room.


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