How I Zone Clean

The idea of zone cleaning is that you constantly are doing small amounts of cleaning, which prevents you from having to spring/fall clean twice a year. My journey with zone cleaning has been very hit and miss. I took to my daily and weekly cleaning schedule like a duck to water, but I’ve struggled a lot more with the zones.

When I started with the zone cleaning, I created a schedule and really berated myself if I missed a day. Then, I felt like I couldn’t move on to the next thing until I went back and do the day I missed. Which led to me to just ignore it or feel like a failure. That’s right readers, I am a 29-year-old women with a graduate degree who is pursuing a career change, while balancing married life, and I let myself feel like a failure because I didn’t make time to dust my fans. Saying that truly places it in perspective.

Now, I look at my weekly schedule and only schedule myself to do part of the zone, if I don’t have a stressful thing. For example, this week I have a test on Wednesday. Which means on Tuesday night, I won’t schedule a zone because I need to focus on studying. If I am working a 12 hour clinical, no zone that day.  I also reworked my zones so I do not spend more than 15 active minutes a day on this.

Sometimes life goes off track and this means that I might not finish a zone in a week, or some days I might miss part of something I scheduled. I just move on and will get it when the zones come back around in 7 or 8 weeks. At first, some of the tasks have took a bit longer, but now, because I have done it more than once, it has become so much quicker.

I have 7 zones in my house and they are broken down as such:

Zone 1: living room and porch

  • 1 sweep porch, clean outside windows, dust, clean mailbox, and door mat
  • 2 dust living room ceilings, walls, and door frames. Clean inside windows and inside lamps
  • 3 Dust floor boards, sweep under furniture, dust floor vents
  • 4 Vacuum couch, tidy organization bins, and wash throw blankets and pillows

Zone 2 – beauty room and hallway

  • 1 clean closets and tidy clothes
  • 2 dust and tidy beauty shelves, shoe closet and shelves, and organize jewelry
  • 3 Move furniture and clean floors
  • 4 Clean vanity and tidy makeup drawers. Wipe down makeup
  • 5 dust hallway doorframes, dust picture collage, dust ceilings/walls, and sweep floor

Zone 3 – Bathroom

  • 1 wash rug, sanitize toothbrushes, straighten undersink cabinet and dust shelves
  • 2 dust walls and fixtures, wash floors and window
  • 3 deep clean toilet and tub
  • 4 wash shower curtain, clean house light switch, sweep floor and vetns
  • 5 tidy linen closet

Zone 4 – Master bedroom

  • 1 straighten Z.’s drawers and closet
  • 2 dust walls, ceiling, light fixtures/fan, and art
  • 3 sweep floors, vents, and baseboards. Vacuum under bed
  • 4 tidy the laundry closet and our nightstands
  • 5 wash duvet cover and pillows

Zone 5  – Kitchen

  • 1 Clean out the fridge and clean top of fridge. Wash hot pads
  • 2 tidy upper kitchen cabinets
  • 3 tidy lower kitchen cabinets
  • 4 clean/wipe down the free standing cabinet and island
  • 5 dust walls, ceiling, art, and clean windows
  • 6 clean oven
  • 7 wash floors and baseboards

Zone 6 – Dining Room

  • 1 dust walls, ceilings, and light fixture
  • 2 clean windows and dining room table/chairs
  • 3 detailed dusting of liquor cabinet and bookselves
  • 4 clean coat closet
  • 5 clean the laundry area

Zone 7 – Guest Room

  • 1 clean/dust bookshelves 1-2
  • 2 clean/dust bookshelves 3-4
  • 3 clean/dust dresser and the printer cabinet
  • 4 dust dloors, fan, and walls
  • 5 Clean closet
  • 6 clean/tidy the file cabinet

This will likely continue to improve and change, but right now, I am really pleased with how it is progressing.

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