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Job time!

I have a job. Like a legit, real job. Four whole months before I graduated… and it feel’s amazing. Job hunting as a nursing student was something I have never experienced before. I went on what felt like an endless number of interviews, but I received an offer from every hospital I interviewed with. I got some offers I didn’t want, some that were intriguing, and an offer in my dream spot.

If you are interested in what interviewing as a nursing student is like, let me know. I am happy to write about it.

But… on with the story! I have accepted a position with a community based hospital in the poorer end of my city as an ER nurse.

I am absolutely thrilled. I am really pleased to be working with the population that this hospital serves. Plus, being an ER nurse has been my goal for most of nursing school. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I am scared senseless. But I am also excited. And scared. And excited. I’ve been told that is perfectly normal as a new nurse.


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