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Vacation 2017 is Booked

GUYS!!! We booked it (and paid for it!)…. if you aren’t sure about what I am talking about, it was one of my 2017 goals. Z. and I are going to be in Germany for the Christmas markets. We booked another tour from Gate1 because we were so pleased with how they handled Thailand.

Nuremberg: Christmas market

Now, I don’t think you need a tour in Germany, but we will be traveling with some of our friends and my inlaws, and tours are so easy to coordinate with larger groups. We will be going to Berlin, Dresden, Nuremberg, and Munich.

I am so stinking excited. I have been dying to get a vacation booked, plus I’m job hunting and that is a mess. Booking was the silver lining in my month.


There will probably not be many travel related posts until November, but I am sure I will do a packing guide and a few after posts come January. But, be sure, I will be taking you guys along with me.

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