Let’s talk about cleaning…

One of my big goals for this year is to get a great cleaning routine down. I don’t love cleaning, but I don’t hate it either. What I do hate is feeling like my house is always messy or that I panic whenever someone wants to stop by randomly.

I am someone whose mind is influenced by the space around me. Nursing school is chaotic and unpredictable, so having my home as a safe space is essential to me.

So, in January, I implemented a new cleaning routine that has three different components. It is based on the model from this lady on Youtube, but modified to fit my life. It is a very flexible schedule, and if I miss a day because I am pulling a 13-14 hour day, it’s fine because I do it consistently enough to maintain a high level of tidiness.

The three aspects of my new cleaning routine are:  a daily cleaning routine which is done without fail, and takes me less than 25 minutes. Then, once a week, I do a big weekly clean, which Z. and I do together, and takes us an additional 35 minutes or less. Finally, I do something called zone cleaning.

For the next three week, I will take each one of these factors and discuss what I do.  I am not perfect at it, and, since we don’t have little ones, I cannot tell you how this works for a bigger family, but it has been amazing so far. I spend about 40 minutes a day cleaning, which I know sounds a like a lot, but I prefer this to spend 3-4 hours cleaning on Saturday and then spending all day Sunday doing laundry. It also means I am very conscious about picking up after myself because I know I will have to come back and do it later.

Hope you guys enjoy the new series!

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