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Hello Fresh review

This week we are doing something a little different for our “What I ate in a Week” because my lovely friend Sandra, from Gunzinger Photography (amazing photographer btw), sent me three free meals from Hello fresh.

At first I was like “eh… I guess it is free food” but I can honestly say after trying it that I can totally see why people love this.

It shows us in a package like this:


Inside was temperature control wrapping with an ice pack and these three boxes:


Plus oversize stuff.


Each night we grabbed one of the boxes and the related meat to make our dinner.

Night one was citrus shrimp.



we added the green beans, but everything else was in the box.

Night two was Mediterranean meatballs. OMG so good….



It even came with dessert, plus we discovered farro…


The final night was a beef and broccoli dish that was, well, totally mediocre. We threw most of it out.


Look how cute the package is!


So, how did we like it? Overall, I understand how someone can fall in love with the convenience of it. We likely will add something to this in our rotation at a later date, even through it is expensive. We love cooking and sometimes we are too tired to do it all without a little help. Having said that, we will likely look for someone other than Hello Fresh. We loved one of the recipes, but very much disliked on so we would love to explore that else is out there!

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