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I’m going to open this by saying that I don’t believe in the concept that there is one person in the whole world for everyone. Realistically, if I hadn’t married my husband, there is a good chance I would have married someone else and probably had a good life.

BUT… at the same time, I dated a lot in my younger years and there are so many special things about my husband that made me feel, think, and then decide that I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life. So, while I don’t believe in the universal concept of “one”, when I decided to make Z. my husband and not a boyfriend, he became my one.


So, what was it about him that made me think this and keep on thinking this?

He makes me laugh. Even when I am mad or have had the worst day, he can make me laugh. Even with his terrible, Dad jokes. And he has always done that.


He was never threatened by me succeeding. He thought it was sexy. He is not a man who ever feels like my success or independence takes away from his masculinity.

He works so hard. Career, home, he just puts the work in.

While we don’t agree on a lot of political things, we have the same emphasis in our lives on caring for people. It may not manifest itself in the same way, I knew he was always thinking about how to take care of people

We DO think the same way about money, and that is so important, guys.

He likes to adventure with me, even when it puts him way outside of my comfort zone. And he knows how to push me outside of mine.


Also, he lets me go to all the museums I want. And stop by random libraries while on vacation.


He takes care of me in all possible ways. From the moment, we started dating and through our marriage, he cares for me. Sometimes that is holding me when I cry. Sometimes that is letting me vent my anger. Sometimes it is calling me out and telling me when I am being ridiculous or making bad decisions. It’s easy to care with money, but if you find someone who cares when it makes their own life miserable, that’s a winner, winner.


He is so nice. Always.

My family is important to him.

He can admit when he is wrong. And he works to make it better.

Also, he is hot.

thailand general 2

I would never tell someone else what they should look for in a life partner, but if you want advice, here is mine. And if not, here are some feels for the day.

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