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V-Day Plans

I know, I know… trust me, I know. Valentine’s Day is minefield of holidays with those who love it with its emphasis on pink and presents and those who bemoan the forced romance of it all. Personally, I love it, but I get why other people don’t. It was always hard for me to explain why I love the holiday until I read this post by Elizabeth Spiers where she explained it so perfectly… ” You don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day because the other days don’t matter, but because appreciating your significant other by carving out time specifically for that is often lost in the day-to-day. Being prompted to create some goals and frameworks for improving quality of life is useful because it’s hard to step back, evaluate, and plan, when we’re insanely busy and stressed.”

Bingo. Exactly. And it is even a more meaningful holiday for me now that I am married to a man who works insane hours during tax season, and this is a marital and societal obligation to spend a romantic evening with me.

So, what are my plans? Every year, Z. and I plan to make a decadent, romantic dinner at home. Something we go all out for and allow ourselves ingredients or foods we normally don’t. Our menu this year is braciole, roast potatoes, and asparagus with a creme brulee for dessert. And champagne, of course.  I will also probably make mac and cheese because that is Z.’s favorite dish in the entire world so I don’t really care that it doesn’t go with my menu.

As for gifts?Well, Z. lost his wedding band at Christmas so we are buying a new band for our big gift and then have a $20 limit on what ever else we want to give each other. I’m think chocolate…

What about you? Thoughts on this romantic holiday season?

One thought on “V-Day Plans

  1. I feel like outrage at Valentine’s Day is almost as manufactured as the holiday itself anymore. Who cares why it was created? It isn’t a bank holiday, so it isn’t inconvenient, and it’s a great opportunity to either spend time worth your SO or go out drinking with your friends. Yay, Singles Awareness Day! Yay, Valentine’s!


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