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Save vs. Splurge Kitchen Edition

I had a request to write this blog and my first thought was palm to face. I mean, seriously, how could I have ignored such a great idea?!?! Good thing I have such wonderful readers. This is my save and splurge kitchen edition, but I will be writing a post of registry regrets and wins soon.


Immersion blender – we LOVE ours. Like use it every day, would rush out and buy a new one that day if it broke, love it. We have this Cuisinart one and it is worth every penny.


Nonstick skillet – if you buy a cheap one, you will constantly be replacing it and that will cost you more in the long run. I recommend this one: The Calphalon 8in and 10in.


Actually, all skillets should be the best quality you can afford. It doesn’t have to the most expensive ever (I see you All-Clad), but it is worth the money. We have this set and we love it. It’s by the brand tramotina.


Cookie sheets – for years, I bought the cheapest thing I could at Walmart and in a year they where gross and warped. When we got married, I asked for two of these and they have been amazing. I batter my cookware and this has stood up to everything.



Toaster – Z. uses ours almost daily and it is the cheapest piece of crap in the world. Seriously, I think I got it for $5 at Walmart because I never made toast. Then I married the king of toast. But our cheapo machine does the job. I am sure at some point we will upgrade, but we are in no hurry.


Rice cooker. Again, Walmart special. I have had mine for close to a decade, but it still does the job. And we eat rice one or twice a week, so it’s work is cut out for it. Available here.


Cast iron skillets. We have two and did not pay much for either, but if you care for them, they will last a lifetime. Buy here.


Knives – I KNOW, I KNOW… normally knives are one of those items people recommend spending a lot of money on. And I don’t disagree in theory. But we use RADA knives and sharpen them regularly, and we are very pleased with their durability and application. Available here.



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