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January ’17 Favorites

This year has started off with a bang. I finished my maternity rotation, which means I have two classes left and my 120 hour “internship” and then I will be a nurse!! It is crazy and exciting and I cannot wait.

But on to all the other things that helped make this month a little, super extra special. Or at least things that I liked or discovered this month.

First of all, I found this documentary (or former TLC show) called Babies behind Bars which is about a prison program that following mothers who give birth in prison. It was absolutely fascinating, especially after finishing my maternity class.


Speaking of maternity and on a much happier note, look what someone’s husband surprised her with the day of her maternity final!!


Gorgeous, right? Sometimes I cannot believe the man I married is so generous with me. There is a part of me that wishes I wasn’t shallow and loved presents, but the other part of me is like “prrrrreeeeetttttyyyyy”.

Thanks to Christmas, I had all these wonderful new home goods to play with and enjoy. One of those was the new comforter than my inlaws gifted Z. and I for St. Nicholas day. I feel like it makes my bedroom feel fresher and brighter.


Another favorite was Z.’s big present but goodness gracious, it has been the most amazing Christmas present ever. I mean, maybe not ever, but it has been a great gift. It was the Dyson ball animal vacuum cleaner. We have a large dog and have been through three vacuums trying to keep her fur picked up. And we only have a carpet in one room… yikes, right?!? But this new vacuum cleaner is just amazing.



Stay tuned for my food favorites. What about you guys? What’s been shaking your bacon?


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