Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas (for her!)

Valentine’s Day is coming soon and I thought I could help you out with some great gift ideas. For those of you who don’t know, Valentine’s Day is my third favorite holiday. I absolutely love it. If you celebrate it (or someone you are remotely fond of celebrates Valentine’s day) and you are looking for some gift ideas, I am here to help. Z. and I have a $20 limit for our gifts, so I am keeping this gift list under $25.

Gift Ideas for Her

Personally, I am not a stuffed animal girl. BUT, if I was, I would want this one. Especially for $5… seriously check out how cute this stuffed unicorn is. 51353507

Two of the great loves are my life are coffee and candles. Hence, this coffee scented candle seems like a perfect gift idea. Available here for about $7 .


For the girl who maybe wants something a little stronger, it also comes in tequila.


Another idea I love is giving a gift that focuses on helping someone reach their resolutions. A common one for many people is being more mindful. This lovely little book is designed to aid with this, but could be a great gift for a variety of people. Available here for $12.95.


For the cook or the person who loves making cutesy stuff in the kitchen, check out this adorable heart-shaped pancake kit for $15.


Now, I am not someone to totally dismiss all traditional gift ideas. Especially if that gift is chocolate. Because chocolate. I fell in love this past Christmas with the Godiva truffle sets and this one was my favorite of the Valentine’s day sets. It is the Patisserie dessert truffle box for $17, available here.


For your kitchen lovers, look at this pretty marble spoon rest. I love how elegant it looks.. I feel like it would be pretty on a nightstand too. Available here for $19.98.


I got my first Lush bath bombs for Christmas and I am obsessed. When I Instagrammed a picture, it turs out that a ton of other people love Lush. So, naturally I turned to Valentine’s day gifts. A sweet gift idea could be a lush bath bomb, a bottle of wine, and a warm pair of socks. But if that is a lot of effort, try this In Your Dreams gift set with has a bath bomb, a bubble bar, and a lip scrub.



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