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what I eat in a week #2

Well, I had one amazing week and then I proceeded to eat everything. I wasn’t particularly hungry and it wasn’t that I wasn’t consuming enough at meals, I just spent a lot of time at home and allowed myself to eat out of boredom. Habits are hard to change, ya’ll.


Two days I had a baked potato with leftover pasta sauce and onion soup, a few days I had leftover chicken and quinoa, and one day I had pizza. Because I make good choices



Dinners were also more off.

Monday I made tacos! We had leftover chicken from Sunday, so I sauteed it with spice to make chicken tacos, added in guac and cucumber, and made this amazing mexican slaw to add more vegetables. It was delicious and I used significant less oil, which cut calories but not flavor.


Look how bad Hermie wants tacos. Or food.


Tuesday was a simple and quick dinner. We made this garlic salmon dish with quinoa and broccoli. Healthy and quick.


Wednesday was a mess. A recruiter brought pizza for lunch and then I met a friend for Indian food that evening. I went way, way over calorie, but Ce la vie. It’s about overall moving towards a sound diet.

Thursday was my small group and the couple who hosted made loaded potato soup.

Friday, we met friends for dinner at Red Hog, a new butcher shop/ tapas restaurant for dinner. I wish I had taken pictures, but Z. and I split a bowl of mussels,a sausage personal pan pizza, and two cocktails a piece. We followed it up with sharing a piece of lavender chocolate cake.

Saturday, I was exhausted. I spent all day Friday cooking and studying, then I had clinical on Saturday. Since it was my last clinical day at that site, I treated myself. Breakfast was a slice of homemade white bread with avocado and bacon and lunch to a black bean burger and potato wedges. I ordered broccoli, but sometimes you get what you get.

Look at my first ever loaf of sandwich bread!!

For dinner, I made a seared ahi tuna steak with a side of white rice and  Asian broccoli. It was amazing.


It is not surprising that I did not lose much weight this week. My diet was not a train wreck, but it was hardly on point. I went from 173.4 to 173.0, so a loss of 0.3lbs.




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