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What I Hate About Pinterest

I don’t actually hate Pinterest. In fact, I love it and it consumes far more of my time than it should. But there is a lot of criticism out there about Pinterest ranging from people who dislike it to people who all out hate it.

Personally, I think there are some legitimate reasons to dislike Pinterest. It often does not promote the blog or source material like it should, which means we are not giving credit where credit is due. It can also diminish creativity in some ways, making us feel like we are all repeating the same thing while attempting to be unique. AKA almost every idea I see at a wedding now, I’m sure I have already seen at Pinterest.

But, really, when people say they hate Pinterest, it is not really Pinterest they hate. They hate Pinterest because it is one more way we allow ourselves to feel inferior. Ouch. Did that one hit a little close to home? Our not perfectly clean, not at all minimalist home, with unvacuumed rugs and gallery walls where so help me God every single photo is crooked home? Because newsflash friends, that’s most of our homes. And it is ok to feel a little jealous of someone’s blog perfect dinner if it motivates you to try something new or pushes you outside your comfort zone, but NOT if it makes you feel less like the kick ass person that you currently are.

The scary thing is, even if there was no Pinterest, we would probably still feel this way. Millennials don’t have the market on allowing ourselves to feel less than and I bet if you asked an older person you are close to, there has always been someone we know or saw who was just better at something than us and it made us feel insecure about ourselves as employees, partners, parents, lovers, and friends. And if Pinterest were to disappear, we would probably still feel this way. Which means at some point, we need to acknowledge that Pinterest is just an internet search page filled with pictures, and how we feel is something much more and deeper that we need to struggle through and learn to see ourselves for the awesome people we are. Cause you’re so much more than a #pinterestfail.

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