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what I eat in a week – back on track

Guys, not going to lie, my fridge was really gross following the holiday season. After throwing away everything that was bad or not on my new diet, this is what my fridge looked like:


Basically I had cheese, beer/wine, and almond milk. And apples. So many apples. I don’t actually know why because neither of us ever eat apples.

Look ma, no veggies :/

Sad, right?

Lots of planning later, one grocery trip, and $70 later, we had something we could work with.

All week, I had the same breakfast and lunch. I am not very adventurous with those two meals. For breakfast, I had a banana/spinach/peanut butter shake. For lunch, I had this soup that I talked about on Monday. It was delicious.


Dinners we had a lot more variety.

Monday – Fish tacos with mango salsa and guacamole served on cucumbers rather than chips.

Nom, nom, mango salsa tacos

Tuesday – Spaghetti Squash with turkey pasta sauce paired with a side of broccoli.


Wednesday – Spaghetti squash casserole, 1/2 backed potato, and green beans



Thursday – normally we would be at small group, but we had bad weather, so I threw together a stir fry of turkey sausage, potatoes,green pepper, cabbage, onion, and cauliflower. Basically whatever we had in the house. Side note, I need to start keeping more quick eat food in the house, especially now that it is winter and all.


Friday – I was craving Asian food and had bought some organic chicken legs at the store, so this might have happened.


It is this slow cooker Asian drumstick recipe with a stirfry cauliflower base. It was ridiculously good and satisfied my cravings.

Saturday  was not great for food. We went to a party and three beers later, I thought I need porkchops and fries. So that happened. But, this happens in life, and don’t beat yourself up about food.

Sunday – roast whole chicken with roast radishes and mashed cauliflower with a homemade gravy. I overcooked the radishes but I think we should just all eat roast chicken every Sunday.


Plus, I usually had a container of greek yogurt for my morning snack, a piece of fruit (usually a cutie) in the afternoon, and always a piece of dark chocolate in the evening.

How did my weight do? Well, I started out Monday at 177.2 and ended up at 173.4. I was thrilled, but I also anticipate that much of that was water weight.

Overall, it was just nice to be back to eating well, although Z. and I definitely think we can up our veggie game.

What did you have this week?

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