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Splurge vs Save face makeup

Are you guys liking these splurge and save series? If not, you are probably way over it by now. But hopefully you have gotten some great ideas on where you can personally allocate some of your resources.


Primer. I have tried several high-end primers and did not feel like any of them were worth the $$. My hemorrhoid cream/primer does the job just as well, IMO.

Blush: I love, love, love the covergirl classic color blushes/ cheekers and I find that they are just just as high quality and vibrant as the ‘spensive ones.

Powder: I have used the Rimmel Stay Matte powder for years and years now, and I will probably always have it in my makeup drawer. I have dry skin so I just need a little bit to set my foundation, so you might need a bit more umph if you have combo or oily skin.

Bronzer: Honestly, I have used many more high end foundations than budget, but I can never tell much of a difference. But I will also admit to being not very good at bronzer.


Foundation. I know that people are flabbergasted at the idea of spending $40 twice a year for foundation, but in my mind, spending a lot on my base makes everything else looks good. Plus, I like a full coverage foundation, which is hard to accomplish without looking cakey. You want your makeup to look as natural as possible and for me, I have a much easier time doing this with a higher end foundation.

Estee Lauder, ride or die makeup

Concealer. I never saw the point of a more expensive concealers until I started staying up late studying and then following them with up with early morning clinical. My old Rimmel wake up concealer was not cutting it anymore. I have now moved on to the It cosmetics bye bye under eye anti-aging concealer and I don’t think I can go back.

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