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Splurge vs Save Eye makeup: Here’s to looking at you, kid

Eye makeup is my passion, my baby. Everyone who is into beauty tends to have that one, maybe two, things that we are really, really in to. Mine is eye makeup, especially eye palettes. I just adore them and have far, far too many of them. But there is always room to save and splurge.


Mascara. Now, I know you are probably thinking “didn’t you just buy a Lancome mascara for Christmas?” And yes, I did. I love the indulgence and I feel like it is better. But even high end mascara is only good for 2-3 months, and I don’t find the slight improvement in performance is worth the massive cost difference.

Eyeliner. I have tried so many high end products and I always go back to my Jordana cat-eye liner. I don’t see any reason to spend more than $4 on my liquid liner.

Ride or die eye liner – Jordana

Shadow brushes: just buy the real techniques and supplement with e.l.f and call it a day. I find these to be amazing quality and at a fair price point, especially considering they last for years.

Eye makeup remover: budget all the way, but be sure to pay for one that gets your eye makeup off. Pulling at the skin around your eyes is unhealthy and cause wrinkles, so be sure to actually find a product that is sensitive for eyes, but gets the makeup off.


Eye primer. I love my high-end primers and they make cheap or expensive eyeshadows perform to their best maximum potential. My personal favorite is the Urban Decay shadow insurance.

Both: eyeshadow palettes. I adore my high-end palettes and feel that they are worth the money. But I also know that my significantly cheaper Wet n’ Wild palettes are amazing. I feel like you can make either work here.

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