2017 Resolutions

After reflecting on my 2016 goals, I must admit, it was a hard year. But hardship often leads to growth and I did a lot in 2016 that took me closer to who I want to be in life. Honestly, until I was looking at my 2016 goals, I had not given myself enough credit for accomplishing what I have.

Resolution and goals can be tricky because it is easy (for me) to get hyper-focused on the one thing we didn’t accomplish. Personally, I gained weight rather than lost weight, so I was feeling like a giant failure. That’s just silly because it was just one of many goals I had. As I age, I must remind that myself many of my goals are processes, continued steps in becoming the type of adult I want to be, and sometimes you drop the ball, but that doesn’t make the goal not worth achieving. So I will keep on.

Here are my goals:

  1. Graduate nursing school, pass the NCLEX, and begin my new career
  2. Read 100 book, one of which will be the Bible in a Year.
  3. Return to a healthier diet because honestly, my stomach was in much better shape when I was eating healthier
  4. Take my husband to Europe. Thailand was incredible, but Z. has never been to Europe and he (rightly) doesn’t want to turn 30 and never have stepped foot in Europe.
  5. Complete the dualingo French course
  6. Continue towards more intentional buying and progressively decluttering my home
  7. Z. and I have some major financial goals for the next few years. We had taken major steps towards being debt free when we were first married but we put much of it on hold to get me through nursing school, without having to stress about me working. However, this year we are hoping to:
  • Pay 11k on my loans to be student loan debt free in 2018
  • Buy a new living room set (sans credit cards, naturally)
  • Cash flow a vacation to Europe… but seriously, Asia is SOOO much cheaper.
  1. Entertain more. I loving having people in my home and creating a warm and welcoming environment, so we want to continue to build friendships.
  2. That ties in to this final resolution and that is to keep a cleaner home. I love entertaining, but I hate the freak outs and the fighting as we rush to clean our home pre-company arriving. At some point last year, we took big steps to keep a cleaner home but my goal for this year is to implement a daily cleaning routine as well as a zone cleaning routine.
  3. Move my blog to it’s own address and improve my blog photography skills.

What about you, dear friends? Any resolutions or goals for 2017?

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