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My 2016 Cookbook reading list

2016 was a good year for me and cookbooks. I love them in general and have really started working towards utilizing more cookbooks and slightly less Pinterest into my cooking. I find that cookbooks, besides being beautiful, are a really good source of techniques and food science.

These are the cookbooks I read in 2016. I hope my reviews are helpful and encourage you to wander over the the cookbook section of your local library.

The Newlywed Cookbook by Sarah Copeland. I bought this for Z. for Christmas 2015, so it was 2016 before we got around to really using it. The recipes are decent and the pictures are beautiful. Plus, we love any cookbook that has recipes for 2. However, this cookbook is plagued by gender stereotypes that I find really off putting in a book written so recently. Lots of “oh she will think its cute when you ( the male) mess up recipes because it only matters that you’re trying so hard” har-har-har.

Le French Oven by Hillary Davis. Beautiful art with some very solid recipes. This is a great cookbook for those days when you have a whole Saturday to focus on making dinner so it is not designed for quick recipes. But it is a dutch oven cookbook so you can hardly expect it to not be filled with slow cooking recipes. Best part? I finally know what to use those little croquettes for now!

French Comfort Food by Hillary Davis. I prefer this one to the other one of her books that I mentioned. The recipes are very good, very dense, and caloric. An all around win, basically. I made our anniversary and Valentine’s day dinner from this book.

The Bon Appetit Food Lover’s Cleanse: Fresh, Whole-Food Eating with a Two-Week Plan for Every Season by said magazine. I actually really enjoyed cooking out of this cookbook. I fact, you can check out some of my instagram for some awesome images of said recipes. However, I do think you can find most of these recipes on their websites.


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