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Splurge vs. Safe (Life in General)

Every year, many of us reflect on our lives on all the areas of our lives where we feel like total f-ups. Money usually ranks high on that list. So, I thought that would make for a fun blog post on things I personally splurge on and where I save. I will write another one on beauty products, but this is just for my life in general. Keep in mind, what is important to me may not be to you, so take this post with a grain of salt, and not as any sort of statement on your own spending habits.


You’ve heard it everywhere, but this is so easy to save on. If you are like me and coffee is a daily necessity, consider switching to making yours at home. K-cup are one way to save and so easy, but to go even cheaper, consider getting a French press.

Books – Library all the way. Seriously.

Razors: if you are still spending a lot of money on razors, just STOP. Seriously, get Yo’ self a subscription to Dollar Shave Club, here is even my referral link, and kick back and enjoy. But in all honesty, Z. and I get four new blades every month (since Z. has a beard and I’m lazy about shaving) and it works perfectly for us, especially at$6 a month. Plus, it saves me from having to pick it up from Target because we all know you can’t just buy one thing at Target.

Cable. We just don’t have it. We stream Netflix or hulu, everything else we stream online. Honestly, that is all the entertainment we need and saves us countless amounts of money.

Fresh produce. Z. and I try to only spend 99 cents a pound on fresh produce and fruit. We aren’t always able to accomplish this, but it helps us keep our grocery budget low and helps us venture out and try new vegetables.

Salon services. I don’t dye my hair, only get hair cuts when need, and try to keep mani/pedis to special occasions only. I miss going to get my hair done more often or indulging in a bad day manicure, but I can do many of these things at home and it helps keep our budget in line.

Vehicles. We take good care of our cars and we drive them until it makes absolutely no sense to do so anymore. As long as the vehicle is safe to drive, we keep going on it. Cars are just not a point of pride for Z. or I, so this is pretty easy for us to “sacrifice” as a couple. Likewise, we buy our insurance in six month blocks.


Our gym membership. We are members of the Louisville YMCA and we pay for citywide membership because we both like to be able to workout near our offices and near our homes on the weekend. Plus, I like yoga. To me, as someone who hates working out, this is completely worth it to help motivate me to make fitness a priority.

Travel. We save mainly because we love to travel. Every year we aim to take two trips and we move a lot of things around in our budget to be able to do this.

Fine dining. We try not to eat out often, but a few times a year, we go all out and spend $100 plus on dinner. I do not feel the least bit guilty about this and I find it completely worthwhile use of our money.

My clothes. I have been working on being more selective about what I bring into my closet, which involves fewer but higher end pieces.

4 thoughts on “Splurge vs. Safe (Life in General)

  1. Great post. A good way I’ve found to get great quality pieces of clothing for a more affordable price is to shop at consignment stores.


  2. I feel like I should spend more on fewer clothes. I’m getting on a bit now so I have no place to go, people aren’t going to see me repeat an outfit because I don’t leave the house regularly enough! x


    1. I am in the same boat, plus I wear scrubs to work which is the epitome of the same thing every day. It is just so hard to make that mental switch to spending more, even if you know it is worth it.

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