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Gifts to Indulge a Bit

I personally always advocate for luxury gifts, especially for those hard working people in your lives who don’t take the time to do self-care. These gifts are not necessarily expensive, but give the message to take a little time for you.

For example, if your mom is anything like mine, she will never spoil herself, especially when that money can be spent on grand-kids. That’s why it is so much fun to give gifts that remind Mom she is not just a grandmother or mother, but also a sexy, fiery woman.

Personally, a lovely bath is perfect way to take some time to indulge. These floral bath salts are all natural and handmade. You can get them from here for $9. This seller has a wide variety of beautifully packaged bath products. il_875xn-1048278909_h727

You’re never going to convince a woman to give up her sweatshirts and yoga pants, but you can help her style it up a bit. Monograms are eternally classic and just make you feel fancy. Like party fancy, not the hooker from the classic country song.


You can order this one here for $30 and they come in a variety of sizes and colors.

Of course, you have to have a chocolate option because these are the perfect little nibbles.

Available here for $22.

To me, one of the ultimate indulgences is candles. We don’t need them but they are so wonderful and add something to a space. These two options are ridiculously overpriced, but amazing quality.

Available here for $32.
Available here for $110. Ouch, but so lovely. 

I love the Laura Mercier body souffle’s. This pricier gift is absolutely wonderful quality and smells amazing. These miniature sizes allow the gift receiver to try a variety of scents, but the product is such high quality, that it will be a gift that lasts a long while. It is truly luxurious gift. Available at Sephora here.


If you have any other ideas for little luxuries, please add them to the comments below. And have fun shopping. These are the most fun gifts to shop for1


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