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Christmas Gifts for Hubby

Z. doesn’t read my blog but if he was going to – don’t do it, babe!

I really struggled this year with what I was going to get Z. I feel like the first two years of our marriage, I killed it. First married Christmas together I started his scotch collection (did the research, bought 3 bottles, and glasses). Last year, I got him started with cologne, but the big gift was a boudoir shoot that resulted in a beautiful photo book. Totally awesome, right?

I wasn’t convinced that this year I could top the previous two years, but I wanted to try. So, this is what I got Z. for Christmas this year. I hope these gifts help you find that special present for the romantic partner in your life.

The big and romantic gift I got for Z. was this custom piece of art:


Z. is a huge comic book fan and I thought this would be the type of art that he would adore. Last year, for Valentine’s day, I gave him a vintage comic book that he once told me was his favorite love story, so I thought the big softy that he is, would love this. I’ll let you know after Christmas.

I custom ordered it from a site called Fivver, where you can order custom pieces starting as low as $5. If you want to try it out, feel free to use my referral link here, but don’t take my shameless plug as an indicator it isn’t great. I got my piece within 5 days and I was really pleased with the whole process. I actually ordered another Christmas gift from fivver, so you’ll be seeing it soon!

I also grabbed Z. a couple of new albums. We love music festivals, so all year, when we heard a band he mentioned he liked, I would just grab the lp. It’s like a snapshot of our favorite music moments for the year. This year, he got a Tom T. Hall album, which is actually from 1975, the Suffers, who we saw at Forecastle, and Chris Stapleton, which is our current KY boy.

Every year I buy Z. a book (that he doesn’t read), but it is the idea behind it. This year it is the Utterly Uninteresting and Unadventurous Tale of Fred, the Vampire Accountant by Drew Hayes. Z. and I were just joking about if he could still work as an accountant if he turned into a vampire (I know we’re nerds), so we googled it. This book looks awesome and has amazing reviews, so I hope he loved it.


I’ll probably spend the last of my Christmas budget on a PS4. Yep… he has been asking for it forever, so we are finally springing for it this year. Adult gifting is really just spoiling each other with things we know they love, but we are all too poor to buy often.

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