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Dear Santa

My Christmas list – what a ridiculously self-indulgent blog post. But I love reading other people’s (because I am so nosy) so I feel like it is only fair to put mine into the world as well. But please take this for what it is – pure fun, and nothing that is seriously expected, and certainly not the reason for the season and all the wonderful Christmasy clichés.

My big request this year is a Le Creuset demi kettle in Marseille blue. $65 is a ridiculous amount to pay for a kettle, but look how pretty. My dearly loved kettle has finally started showing its age (it was one of the cheapest options I could find and it last me almost 9 years), so I figured if it was time for a new one, why not ask for the dream one. Especially since we use our kettle on average twice a day, this is an investment we will certainly get our money’s worth.

Christmas kettle

Because one way to get my caffine fix is not enough, this Bialetti expresso pot for $27.00 has also made my list.


Also high on the list is the pinch pleat duvet and sham set from Target. My duvet has seen better days and this one just seems pinterest chic. #firstworldgoals, right?

Purchase here.

I’ve recently started becoming obsessed with jewelry, but really only wear stud earrings, thin necklaces, and watches. OMG watches. I wear one most days of the week. My favorite brand, and by that, I mean the website I visit the most is Olivia Burton. Santa, I’ve been so good and really worked on less profanity… at least in my writing!

Purchase here

Does this make you boring, when what you dream about is Sephora gift cards and duvets?!? Probably, but let’s be real, new bed stuff is the best!

What about you? What is on your secret wishlist, because I’m totally nosy and I want to know.

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