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October Favorites


October is my favorite because what is not to like? Seriously! It is just.. the best.

Favorite Foods:

If you follow me on instagram (which you should!), then you saw me add this recipe. It was a sage lemon chicken recipe, modified for a reasonable size dish, and it was delicious. This is what happens when you get a CSA  and they give you a ton of sage.

Sage Chicken for the win

Pumpkins, pumpkins, gourds, gourds…

I have eaten so much spaghetti squash, pumpkins, etc. Let’s keep it rolling in November.


This has been the month of soups. My favorite was this Potato and Leek soup from Recipe Tin Eats, which we made with the leeks from our CSA box. So calorifically good and quick/easy to make. I served it to my small group and they wiped it out.

Pumpkin waffles, Pumpkin Waffles, PUMPKIN WAFFLES!!! I just… God, I love these things.


Beauty and Other

You know when I saw this, I about lost my mind. The spice must flow, ya’ll. Now, last year I bought the Burt’s Bee’s pumpkin chapstick and, well, it was not great. I didn’t like it but kept using it because of well, pumpkins. But I LURV this. It does smell like pie and it works like, well chapstick.

Chapstick Pumpkin Pie
So good, ya’ll

This month, Z. and I also revisited all of Harry Potter movies. It was just… perfect.


Don’t you just love this time of month? It is such a magical time of year.

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