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Come Sail Away

Cruise Time

More travel news for the Purols! As of today, Z. and I, along with a great friend of ours are off for a week long vacation. It’s cruise time, baby!

This is going to sound so spoiled, but I have been on this particular cruise before, but Z. has not and our friend, M., who is traveling with us, this is not only his first cruise, but this is also his first time out of the country. I cannot begin to express how excited I am to be getting to go with someone on their first trip stepping outside USA soil.

We are driving to New Orleans tonight where we will enjoy a day in the city. Sunday we are boarding the Carnival ship, where we will be off for 7 days in Mexico, Honduras, and Belize.  Nothing but sun and swimming ahead for me.


What this means for you, dear readers, is probably two weeks of cruise travel related posts. Don’t hate! And wish me bon voyage.

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