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September Favorites

This is the summary:


This was truly the month of the pumpkin and it’s probably going to keep on happening until I can find no more pumpkin-related items.


This is by far the best pumpkin spice creamer I have found. I’ve never tried Bailey’s creamers before, but I’m going to be all over their Christmas ones as well. If you’re wondering if I add this to pumpkin spice coffee, you better bet your fall themed bottom I do!


The best time to enjoy this cup of coffee? During brunch of course. Z. and I subscribed to our local Sunday paper and we are loving adding in the ritual of reading the paper together Sunday morning while sharing brunch.


Starbuck’s non-fat, no whip Pumpkin Spice lattes are my basic anthem. But the non-fat because otherwise it is just too sweet:


In an actual non-pumpkin food item, I made my first batch of eggplant parmesian and it was amazing. I’ve always loved it but now I know how to make it!



We have had some beautiful, cooler days throughout the month, which allows me to pull out the long sleeve shirts. I love the look of dainty necklaces with fall clothing. This one from Modcloth has been my go to:


It’s been a fun month and I am so excited that Fall is finally here!

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