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Fall Wish list

The nights are starting to feel cooler, pumpkin decor abounds, and you just know that fall is soon to be upon us.

Time to pull out the sweaters and start thinking about transitioning to fall makeup. Which means ogling all the beautiful new products. So what am I crushing on right now for fall makeup?

Let’s start with the Anastasia Modern Renaissance eye shadow palette. This beauty came out over the summer, but seems perfect for the warm, fall months. The colors remind me of the colors of leaves turning on the trees.

Fall beauty wishlist
Image from here.


On a much less practical note, the Kat von D Serpentina Eyeshadow Palette screams Halloween to me. In no way can I justify this purchase. It just isn’t practical. But goodness knows I pet it every time I see it in the store. The Egyptian theme is amazing and it is gorgeous. It is available here.

Fall beauty wishlist

One last eyeshadow pallete because we all know these are my soft spot. This one I want for the theme almost more than anything else. Let’s be honest, I spend money on stuff because of the adorable factor all the time.

I read about this over at The Thirty Something Life and I died. It is the BH Cosmetics Pride + Prejudice + Zombies – Eye & Cheek Palette. I. Just. Need. It. despite the review being relatively bleh.


Yves Saint LaurentROUGE PUR COUTURE Star Clash Edition Lipstick in Le Nu. The packaging on this lipstick… it’s just SO PRETTY. I know I am a sucker for packaging but if you are going to pay so much for a lipstick, it should be gorgeous. Plus I am a big believer of nude lipsticks for the fall. No 90s’ brown lippies for me.


Fall 2016 beauty wish list
Buy this beauty here.

Finally, this little sampler from Tom Ford. I have not tried any Ford products, but they get amazing reviews. Also see above for my feels on the fantastic aspect of the nude lip 😉

Buy here.

I am still on the hunt for the perfect fall perfume, so feel free to send me your recommendations.


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