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At Last! A YSL Parisienne review

I finally found it. Finally. If you read my review of the Nest fragrance here, you know I had to return it because my dearly beloved husband told me it smelled like a cat peed in a pool. Obviously, it was not meant for me.

My hunt continued.

One day I ran across a review for YSL’s Parisienne and the review, which was not flattering, described it as a perfume for white, rich women who dream of springs in Paris. I thought hmm, that kinda sounds like what I like. So, I took a risk and bought it, un-sniffed.

When I got the box, I thought this is so tacky looking.


But the bottle is gorgeous! The glass feels luxurious and heavy.


But more importantly, the scent is light, floral, and lovely. It smells like violets and light rose. It sits very lightly on the skin, so it can handle the heat of Kentucky summers. The fragrance lasts between 4 and 6 hours on me, which is pretty good. To me, it is mature enough to be worn by me, but not old lady smelling.

It took me forever to find, but I finally found my signature summer fragrance. Too bad it is now fall!

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