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Fall Nails under $5

I love a pretty painted nail and nothing is nicer than when fall hits and we can start embracing all the lovely burgundies and dark, moody colors.

But getting your nails done can also be super pricey, even if you are doing it at home. Since I am currently in nursing school, I have to remove all nail polish before my clinicals, but I refuse to got the next seven months with bare nails. As such, I spend a lot of time painting (and removing) my nail polish!

If you love a great fall nail polish, here are some of my favorite fall colors for under $5 (hence the perfect pick me up next time you are at a drugstore).

Wet n’ Wild – I love, love, love this brand of nail polish. The Megalast line is just such good quality and it is $1.99. My favorites were so hard to narrow down because each season, Wet n’ Wild comes out with some amazing nail colors. Hence, some of my favorite polishes from this brand are not available right now, so I can’t recommend them :/

But these are some of the ones that are still available and amazing:

Wet Cement –



Haze of Love with a Butter London Stratford Honey glitter topcoat:


If you’re a moody blues kind of girl, I recommend Revlon’s fashionista. This one is an oldie, but a goodie.  There was a great review of it here.


Also, I suspected that I was bad at painting nails, but taking pictures has confirmed it. Wow.. something to work on.

This one is a new one for me. I was in a drugstore recently, and asked Z. what he thought was a “fall nail polish.” He picked out this one. I like it a lot. It dries slowly, but the staying power is incredible. Plus, while it is orange, it feels like a moody orange. The color is Get Lucky.


What are some of your favorite fall nail polishes? Any budget polishes for the win?

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