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Fall Candles

“Of all the things you spend money on, this is the one I find the most ridiculous” – Z. talking about my candle obsession.

The second week of August, I wandered in to my nearest Bath and Body works and there they were. The fall candles. THE FALL CANDLES!!

bath and body works candles
White Barn fall candle display

They suck me in every year with their pumpkin labels and cute décor. Not that I need much motivation to burn candles. If you ever come to dinner at my house, there will be candles in the kitchen, dining room, living room, and bathroom.

Hello, my name is Anna, and I am a candle addict.


But even I have principles. August is still summer to me, so I resisted. But September is totally fair game. If I have to watch football, I get pumpkin candles, dang it!

Bath and Body works fall candles

Many times the candles are far, far too sweet for me. Give me pumpkin, not vanilla and mushroom. But If you are looking for some beautiful fall candles, give these a whirl.

Sweet Cinnamon pumpkin is a great one for burning in the kitchen. Many times the pumpkin scent is drowned out by the other notes, but not in this one. It smells exactly how it sounds with notes of pumpkin, clove, vanilla, and brown sugar.

If you love vanilla and pumpkin (which I don’t but my fabulous mother in law does), give Pumpkin cupcake a whirl. It smells like pumpkin cupcake icing.

Autumn is a general fall like scent. Much less sweet, but more cinnamon and spice.

Flannel is a more masculine scent. My husband adores it, which is why we burn it in our bedroom.

Sadly, there was no return of the Heirloom Pumpkin candle, which was my favorite of 2014. Fortunately, I was able to pick up one during their summer clearance sale so my addiction can continue for a while. If you find this scent has just been repackaged, let me know! But sadly BBW often gets rid of my favorite scent every year. I take it personally 😉

Bath and Body works heirloom pumpkin
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