August Favorites

I had two weeks off in August from school so I truly got to wrap myself in things I enjoy. Here are a few standouts:

First, you guys! My blog hit 500 unique visitors this past week and it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. So, seriously, thank you. You guys are the best.

Simone Biles’ thighs. I have such thigh envy. Her legs are like power houses. #jealous #wantthoselegs

This lovely little silk robe I picked up in Bangkok. This year was the year I decided I was too old to sleep in overized tshirts from high school. In came pretty chemises. Then this summer I started wearing this pretty robe when lounging in the house.


The big favorite of the month would probably be this baby –

new iphone

That’s right, I finally upgraded my phone and its rose gold. Squeal! Plus, I do think it has upgraded my photographs.

In food, I have been loving making my own spaghetti sauce. Blog post on that coming soon!


I have been working on my perfect winged liner and gave the Jordana Cat Eye liquid liner a whirl. Like most Jordana products, it did not fail to impress. Forgive the poor pictures, but check out this beauty:

That’s it for August. Pretty good month, I’d say!

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