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Body Image Introduction

I have been contemplating doing a short blog series on body image for several months, which probably sounds crazy to my readers since my blog posts can seem like I shoot from the hip. But I wanted to carefully think about and consider what I wanted to say.

I struggled because I don’t have a good relationship with my body. That’s just the truth of the matter. But it is better today than four years ago. And hopefully, it is worse today than it will be in two years. I imagine many of you are on the same path.

Much of the basis of my concerns is how do I talk about embracing your body while I am engaging in a multi-year weight loss plan? How do I encourage my readers who are learning to embrace fat-positivity, while also encouraging my reader who are on a weight-loss journey? How do I essentially have a foot in both camps?

Because I do have a foot in both camps and I feel that it is right for me. I am learning to love my overweight body, while working towards losing weight because that it is what I think is right for MY BODY. We, as individuals, tend to hold tightly to our definitions of “health”, “beauty”, “bikini body”, “beautiful”, etc.  and we adamantly defend our understanding of those terms. I honestly think we do that because many of us are grappling with our own insecurities and when we come to a decision about our bodies, we feel so invested and confident that it is the right path. We work so hard to come to that place and we are certain of our “right”-ness. This place makes us defensive. Or we are so lost in our own insecurities, we superimpose those on others. It’s all hard and I cannot promise that I will always handle it correctly.

But here is what I hope continually come through my posts in this series:

You do not have to change your body.

Nor should you ever be made to feel like you should.

But if YOU choose to change your body, you can.

You are strong enough to learn to embrace your body now and in the future.

And you are strong enough to change if YOU want to.

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