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Floral Chairs on my mind

The journey to turn my dated wood paneled dining room into a modern woodsy wonder continues with the addition of two new chairs.

Our dining room is a nice size – we actually suspect the former owners used it as a family room – so we have some extra space for a few chairs for additional seating.

Several years ago my grandmother moved into a smaller home and she had gifted me these two chairs. I knew I wanted to do something with them, but I had no idea what, or when, or how. Finally, the inspiration hit me – put them in the dining room!


But they needed a new paint job since I am working on adding lightness to the room. The orange also had to go.

So, I started painting using the same paint I had used on my kitchen cabinets. This also have me the chance to touch up the paint on said kitchen cabinets. And I painted. And painted. And painted.

This was by far, my worst project of late. Mainly because Hermione decided to help. Upcoming on the blog: how to touch up paint on your front door AND a side table re-do.

We also had to take a break to have a doogie bath. Did I mention Hermione hates baths?

Then, once I thought I had finished everything, I realized that I had magically forgotten to paint a whole side. Sigh.


But overall, I am really happy with how they turned out. I think they look fun and woodsy. Plus, since I already had the paint, the entire project cost me under $10 – $4.80 for a yard of fabric, and $5.00 for fabric glue. We won’t take into account the Hermie cost factor 😉


Modern floral woodsy chairs
Hobby Lobby Fabric

I think this room might eventually look like how I see it in my head!

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