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Thailand Packing List – For Her

Months after I returned from Thailand, I am finally getting around to writing my packing list for Thailand. I felt like I had researched a great deal before my trip but I managed to still not be overly thrilled with my choices once I was there. Here are my thoughts about what I did right and what I did wrong.

Some info that might be helpful – Z. and I believe in packing light and only carrying backpacks.

Two people for ten days… this is more than what you need

We are also temple/religious institution/ museum devotees, so modesty was really key (and actually required) for the way we were traveling. My knees and shoulders had to be covered for most of what we did.

King’s summer palace

What I did Right:

If I could do it all over again, a variation on this would be what I wore every day:

elephant ride 5

Sweat proof yoga pants and a wicking tshirt would have been my go to. It was comfortable, as cool as I could be while still having my knees and shoulders covered.

Thailand packing list for her

Moisture wicking, breathable fabric was worth every single penny I paid for them pre-trip. It made such a world of difference in terms of comfort.

I also loved this dress:

Knee length dress

Again, it was knee length and covered my shoulders, which was needed for the places we were traveling.

A ridiculously comfortable pair of sandals. These aren’t necessarily “my style” but they were so comfy and easy to take off and on.


Two swimsuits. I HATE getting in to a damp swimsuit and it took forever in the humidity for them to dry. Two meant I had a dry one each time I went swimming, which was like every day.


A good pair of sunglasses and a clutch and/or crossbody bag to carry some stuff. It’s too hot to carry everything, but you will want to carry sunscreen, bug spray, cash, and your camera.

What I did wrong:

I brought three maxi dresses. Wrong, wrong, wrong. My intention was comfort and modesty. I would have packed a black one for our nice dinners out and a few more accessories to vary it, but overall the maxi dresses were still too hot for being outside and they dragged in the dirt at the outdoor temples.

I packed three pairs of shorts and tanks. We didn’t go to the beach and spent very little time exploring that wasn’t in a temples or palace. I would have still brought one pair, but that’s it for our nights our in Bangkok or our cooking class. I would have replaced the rest with capri workout pants.

Makeup. I brought it and wore it once. It is just too hot for all that.

More underwear. I had enough, but just barely. I sweat so much that all I wanted was a shower and clean undergarments when we got back to the hotel. Pack extra and thank me later.

I hope this helped you with deciding what to bring on your Southeast Asian trip. Go have fun!

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